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Ablation Catheters

Our portfolio of remanufactured products for the EP lab includes electrophysiology catheters and cables, mapping catheters and packages  with mapping catheters and related reference patches.

The following product lists provide a quick overview of our medical devices.


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Item NameDescriptionOEM ManufacturerSize
non irrigatedUNIVanguard Ablation Catheter uni BWACelsius 6F 92Biosense Webster6F
Vanguard Ablation Catheter uni DS BWPCelsius DS 7F 115Biosense Webster7F
Vanguard Ablation Catheter uni BWACelsius 7F 115Biosense Webster7F
BIVanguard Ablation Catheter bi DS BWQCelsius DS BD TC 7F 115Biosense Webster7F
Vanguard Ablation Catheter bi BWBCelsius BD TC 7F 115Biosense Webster7F
irrigatedUNIVanguard Irrigated Ablation Catheter uni BWGCelsius ThermoCoolBiosense Webster7F
Vanguard Irrigated Ablation Catheter SF uni BWRThermoCool SFBiosense Webster8F
BIVanguard Irrigated Ablation Catheter bi BWHEZ Steer ThermoCool 7F 115Biosense Webster8F
Vanguard Irrigated Ablation Catheter SF bi BWSThermoCool SF BD 7F 115Biosense Webster8F

The CELSIUS®, THERMOCOOL®, EZ STEER® trademarkers are trademarks or registered trademarks of Biosense Webster, Inc. or Biosense Webster EMEA, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical N.V./S.A., respectively.

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